Leave campaign still going strong?

I have a theory. The 2016 Referendum was “won” by way of fraud, lies and cheating simply because everyone was looking the other way. Remain thought they had it in the bag. Cameron thought it was in the bag. Let’s be honest. Nearly everyone thought “Remain” had it in the bag.

Hell…even Johnson and Gove were shocked when they “won”. You can see it in their sullen faces the day after.

That tactic worked well, and I believe they’re engineering yet more of it.

Take the above tweet. This is from Darren Grimes, at the time of the referendum, the 22 year old founder of the BeLeave campaign.

Darren knows, as most of use do, that Switzerland and Italy are both signed up to the Schengen agreement. They are allowed to cross each other’s borders freely, “not a bother”.

Now, being that Darren is the founder of BeLeave, and that he almost certainly knows what the Schengen area is, he can’t be this stupid. Well, he might be, but he still knows what the Schengen agreement is, so why would he tweet something that is so obviously open to ridicule?

Just the other day, I saw a Facebook post from a prominent Leave campaigner asking why it was that someone in Brussels told us that we couldn’t deport Abu Hamza al-Masri. Of course, that isn’t the case.

His lawyers argued, successfully, that he couldn’t be deported due to provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). We, here in the UK, instigated the ECHR in 1950, some years before the EU (or “Brussels”) was even conceived. Let’s not even start on the lies from May with regards to not being able to deport someone because they had a cat.

Then there’s the origin of the post that’s floating around Facebook, etc… claiming that the Lisbon Treaty, should we stay in the EU, is going to remove our right to veto, that we have to join the Euro, that there’s an EU army being formed. The Lisbon Treaty is in the public domain for all to read. None of these things are true. I’ve read it twice. When pressed to provide a link to the relevant articles, the discussion usually degenerates into name calling and vulgarities. Someone, somewhere started that post and sent it on it’s way.

The same is true of another, fully debunked text claiming that Cadbury was sold to Kraft and then paid by the EU to move to Poland, or some other EU country. The EU doesn’t give grants to private companies to move, let alone US owned companies…and yet the rumours and text still exist, being copied verbatim and re-told as truth.

I don’t expect the man in the street to know all of this stuff, or have the time to read the intricate legalise of the Lisbon Treaty (later the text morphed into The Barcelona Agreement, Treaty of Rome etc…), but the author of it knows full well that it’s lies.

Is this the new Leave campaign? Is it really a cyber-war that the Remain camp aren’t actively engaged in?

As Aaron Banks, correctly said, “The remain campaign featured fact, fact, fact, fact, fact. It just doesn’t work. You have got to connect with people emotionally”.

So, just who is it behind these prolific and emotive lies?

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