People’s Vote March – 23rd March 2019

Well, that was somewhat of a success. Unofficial police estimates are between 1.5 and 2 million attendees.

It felt like it. Even the mobile phone network providers couldn’t keep up and shut down their data networks.

With over a million Remain voters marching (and a few Leave voters too, it has to be said), and a minimal police presence, there was not one incidence of violence.

Of course, the moment we regained wireless signal there were multiple Facebook posts calling out the protest for:

a) Dragging London to a halt (and damaging the economy)

b) NOT having a million people, rather somewhere between 20k and 120k.

c) Being full of the Liberal Elite, and children.

This shows that they’re not really invested in leaving the EU, rather that they’re invested in “winning”. They rarely listen to facts, instead turning on their caps-lock and shouting “PROJECT FEAR” and “SCAREMONGERING”, mostly without even reading the response.

For the most part, a large chunk of Leave voters have never won anything. They’ve been forgotten about by the establishment, and the vote to leave was a two-fingered salute to the government at the time. Sadly, it was misdirected, but now, they will cling on to that “win” regardless of the hardship it will create, and regardless of the economic and social damage it had done so far, and will continue to do.

Aaron Banks himself, rightly (for once) said this: “The remain campaign featured fact, fact, fact, fact, fact. It just doesn’t work. You have got to connect with people emotionally”

Neither of these arguments matter. They’re the pointless ramblings of those that want “democracy” regardless of cheating and illegalities.
They don’t want “democracy” or “respect for democracy” at all. They’re saying that they will get what they want, and they don’t mind that they’ve had to cheat to get it. If this cheating/fraud is mentioned, the response is often “Well, remain cheated too…” like this somehow legitimises it. Two wrongs do not a right make.

It’s not a good message to send. The fact that the referendum is being implemented (rather than “respected” as promised), is showing the world, and future voters, future parliamentarians, and in fact, everyone, that we’ve degenerated into the first Western banana republic.

“Hey world! We want to do business with you after leaving our closest and most powerful partner. Ignore the fact that we cheat and lie, and don’t pay what we owe; just form an orderly line here to start doing business with us….”

Anyway, you probably already know this, so have some pictures instead.

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