Godwin’s Law is dangerous

These are dangerous times…and we’re not allowed to talk about it.

Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Hitler analogies)[1][2] is an Internet adage asserting that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”;[2][3] that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Adolf Hitler or his deeds, the point at which effectively the discussion or thread often ends. Source: Wikipedia

In 1933, 17.2 million Germans elected Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ (NAZI) Party to power. Were they aware that by doing so, they were enabling the start of some of the most heinous crimes and atrocities of the entire 20th century, if not in the whole of history? Were they aware that Germany would be divided down the centre by a bloody great big wall within 9 years of doing so?

No. Of course not.

On the 23rd March (sounds vaguely familiar), 1933, Hitler passed the “Enabling Act” giving him the right to make laws as he saw fit, and without having to gain the Reichstag’s (parliament’s) approval.

In the the UK, we have what is known as Henry VIII powers.
These powers allow the government to change an act of parliament, or even to throw it away completely, after it has been passed and without the need to go through parliament again.

The last time parliament used the Henry VIII powers was in 2002 to tighten the laws on immigration and asylum seekers. It was cause for concern at the time. Concern that was duly nodded at, given a little time in the media, and then, for the most part, ignored.

Apart from the language, it’s difficult to see the difference.

These powers, however, are now scrutinised by a special cross-party committee appointed by the House of Lords. 

The very same House of Lords that successive governments want to “reform” or “abolish” unashamedly.

A quick Googling of “House of Lords Reform” yields the following results. Already there is misinformation, and a lack of understanding of the role of the House of Lords that can be seen. Eventually, they will get their wish and the Lords will be no more powerful than that of the Royal Family.

In 2012, the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
It applauded the EU for its contribution for over six decades to ‘the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe’, and rightly so. The EU was born of the highest motives (to paraphrase David Cameron).

First and foremost, the EU is a peace-keeping movement and has overseen the longest period of peacetime in recent European history.

We’re leaving that union.

Our government will no longer have the scrutiny of the EU with regards to “forcing” us to adopt the European Convention on Human Rights (all EU members must be a signatory to the ECHR before ascension is allowed), and before we’ve even left the EU, our current government is already talking about abolishing the ECRH.

Theresa May hates it, and lies about its use in order to continue the disinformation and discredit this morally right law.


With that safely out of the way, any UK government can, and probably will, deport who they like with impunity. They will be able to lock up anyone they see fit, without trial, and even in secret if they so desire. Don’t worry about silly little things like the law getting in the way; we have Henry VIII powers, remember?

Hitler rose to power on the back of antisemitism. His party, and the media, now with the strategically placed Goebbels, singled out a section of society and aimed impressive levels of propaganda against them, successfully dividing the country and rising to power on the back of promises to fix it.

At first, it started with Jewish people being called “rats”, posters were put up likening Jews to vermin, until soon, the general population considered them synonymous.

Is any of this sounding familiar yet?

If only the government that is taking us out of the European Union (and most likely abolishing our usage of the ECHR within a few years) had a state propaganda machine, like say, a state TV broadcaster.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” I hear you shout, “This isn’t North Korea”.

Andrew Neil, formally of the Conservative Research Department hosts and writes the popular political programme, “This Week” for the BBC.
Robbie Gibb, who edited the BBC’s political programmes, has been appointed Theresa May’s Director of Communications.
Boris Johnson, appointed Guto Harri, a BBC political correspondent, to head of his media team when Mayor of London. Jacob Rees-Mogg’s father was on the board of directors at the BBC and a member of the European Reform Forum.

There are plenty more examples. Margaret Hodge’s daughter is editor of the News at 6, and the News at 10.

Of course, increasingly, younger people are looking to social media for their information rather than mainstream media, TV or otherwise.

Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister and former arsonist, is now the head of Global Affairs and Communications at Facebook.

There are multitudes of lies floating around Facebook and Twitter. Most recently, a long list of the things that the Lisbon Treaty will deprive us of, should we remain in the EU. It’s largely a list of lies; That we HAVE to join the Euro, that we lose our veto, that we lose our rebate, that an EU army is being formed etc…but the really sad thing is, it’s really, really easy to verify that those lies are not in the Lisbon Treaty. Simply read the Lisbon Treaty. It’s in the public domain.

Those propagating those lies through Tweets and Facebook posts know full well that only a tiny percentage of people that read it will do that. Most will share it verbatim as truth instead. It re-enforces their brainwashing that leaving the EU is the best thing for the UK, all the while shouting “Project Fear” at anything that actually shows what is truly happening, and what is about to. Usually said alongside well rehearsed (and carefully considered soundbites, probably instigated by the likes of Lynton Crosby) lines such as “We knew what we were voting for…” (they knew they were voting for a shortage of cancer treating Radioisotopes, and yet STILL did it? Heartless), and the oxymoronic, “Nobody knows what’s going to happen” (like that’s a great reason to jump off a cliff).

It’s a clever campaign to keep people from seeing what’s really going on: A power grab. Which is what the whole thing was about from the start. Remember the Bullingdon Club?

These appointments are not by accident. I wish it were all about the money, the old saying “Follow the money” goes a long way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are lots of them that ARE pushing their agenda purely for financial reason. John Redwood, Rees-Mogg maybe… Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and Gove, not so much. These people don’t need money. They crave power, but don’t have the responsibility of mind to have the respect that comes with that power.

Gove’s wife, Sarah Vine, is a Daily Mail columnist. I need say no more.

Johnson is a racist. There, I’ve said it. Suggesting Turkish presidents have sex with goats:

“There was a young fellow from Ankara, Who was a terrific wankerer.

“Till he sowed his wild oats, With the help of a goat, But he didn’t even stop to thankera.”

That won him a thousand quid in a poetry competition.

On residents of the Congo: “cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies”

I’m sure you’re aware of many more “Borisisms”.

This is not a statesman. This isn’t a man worthy of the position of Prime Minister of the 5th richest country on Earth. He doesn’t understand the concept of respect, and that’s dangerous. It’s well known that he, Cameron, Osborne etc… were members of the Bullingdon Club.

A club where entry requirements include burning a £50 note in the face of a homeless person. A club where members have to put their penis in the mouths of a dead pig’s head. These aren’t simply the “shits and giggles” of over-privileged kids. These antics are there for future blackmail and to dehumanise homeless people or anyone NOT in the “elite” in the eyes of the members.

This works well, and works for all races, places of birth, animals, the sick, the disabled and so on. Imagine selling arms or warships to say, Saudi Arabia for them to use on the Yemen. You know it’s wrong. Germany knows it’s wrong, and in fact has stopped doing so, in effect blocking the UK from doing so, despite repeated pleas from UK politicians to allow us to continue – but that’s another story. You know those people don’t deserve to be bombed…but yet, it does make a metric fuck-tonne of money, and they’re not real people in any case (see Bullingdon Club membership).

Wars make money. Lots of it. Wars are becoming more and more difficult to start. You have the ECHR, the EU and the UN (which was summarily ignored in 2003 by the incumbent UK government of the time) just for starters.

Is it any wonder that those with their fingers in those pies want to rid themselves of the very institutions that stop them?

The parallels are easy to draw between what is happening now, and what happened in Germany in 1933. When people say “Germany doesn’t want us to leave the EU”, they are, of course, quite correct. The reason for that is because they are all too aware of the potential consequences of a rich nation being able to conduct itself as it pleases without scrutiny.

…but Godwin’s Law stops any constructive discussion about it. The moment the comparison is mentioned, it’s shot down.

Godwin’s Law hasn’t predicted how a conversation will pan out. It has dictated it.

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